Wednesday, January 12, 2011

High Dynamic Range (HDR)

This past October, I had the opportunity to again visit one of my favorite places on earth, Sedona, Arizona. On this visit, I captured hundreds of images bracketed with my Canon 5D and 50D cameras. My intention was to process them using one of the several HDR (High Dynamic Range) processors I own. While on the trip I used Photoshop CS5 and after returning home I processed a number of images again using Photomatix Pro 4.0 (

I found that while the HDR processor in Photoshop CS5 is much improved over previous versions, for my tastes, Photomatix still has an edge over PS5. Whatever HDR processor you use will afford you many hours of fun as you manipulate the settings on each and try the various preset tool sets.

View a gallery of HDR images taken at Sedona and compare them for yourself.

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Anonymous said...

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